• What are the school enrolment fees?

    Enrolment fees are $1600 for full day programmes, and $1200 for half-day programmes, before the ECDA subsidy. To schedule a visit or to find out more about our exclusive promotional rates, please give us a call at 8811 4246.

  • What is the child-to-teacher ratio?

    Quality interactions are crucial for monitoring your child’s development. Our classes are deliberately kept smaller so that your child receives sufficient one-on-one attention.
    Toddlers – 1:6
    Nursery One – 1:6
    Nursery Two – 1:8
    Kindergarten One – 1:9
    Kindergarten Two – 1:9
  • Will the SAIL play-based curriculum sufficiently prepare my child for Primary 1?

    The SAIL curriculum is guided by the MOE Nurturing Early Learners framework to ensure that your child is well-prepared to meet the physical, academics, social and emotional demands of Primary 1. With an instilled growth mindset and understanding of different perspectives, together with strong resilience, critical thinking and problem-solving, your child is set for life beyond school.

  • How does the school cater to children with additional needs?

    Our inclusive programme supports our little SAILors with additional needs in 3 ways:

    1. A differentiated curriculum based on individual’s learner profile
    2. Environmental supports and adaptations to increase engagement and active participation in learning experiences
    3. On-going therapy and intervention services
  • Which programme do you recommend for a half-day enrolment?

    For half-day programmes, you may wish to opt for either the morning session (7am – 1pm) or afternoon session (1pm – 7pm). The morning session focuses on the SAIL curriculum and sensory exploration activities, while the afternoon session focuses on project-based learning, literacy and arts appreciation. You can choose to sign your child up for a half-day trial playdate to find out more about our programmes.

  • How does the school communicate with parents?

    At SAIL, you, the parent, are respected and valued as important partners in your child’s learning and development. You’ll be kept in the loop of your child’s learning journey though our parent app. With the app, receive weekly updates of what your child is learning in school, together with lots of photos of him/her participating in exciting activities. All photos can be downloaded and make great keepsakes! Additionally, on the 1st Friday of each month, you’re welcome to join us for ‘Breakfast with Me’ – this is a great chance to interact with other parents and our bubbly little SAILors.

  • Do the children get to go on field trips, and if so, how often does this happen?

    Definitely! Field trips are an integral part of our programme, as they provide excellent opportunities to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Our teachers plan field trips at least once a term, as well as a minimum of 2 parent involvement field trips a year.

  • Are meals provided, and if so, what is the menu like?

    We take your child’s health and nutrition very seriously. Aside from ensuring that meals are well-balanced and nutritious, our menu also incorporates a wide variety of delicious food from various cuisines. This encourages your child to try out different flavours and textures to help him/her develop an adventurous relationship with food. The SAIL menu is inspired by cultural diversity and includes Chinese, Western and Japanese influences – all food is prepared fresh in our kitchen by our fabulous cook, Auntie Daljit.

  • How does the school manage the outbreak of contagious diseases such as HFMD?

    All classes have their own individual classrooms, making it more effective to segregate children in the event of an outbreak. All toys and classroom surfaces will be disinfected within 12 hours, and all communal activities in shared spaces will cease immediately until the incubation period is over. In addition, our centre adopts a preventive model by following a strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule, which includes a weekly thorough disinfecting using an Automated Disinfection System.

  • Are school bus services available?

    Yes, our school bus services currently cater to the Admiralty, Sembawang and Yishun areas.

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